Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We did it!!!

Our plan is coming together and we have made the transition into our new home.  We know this is where we are supposed to be for right now.  We are excited for our future plans.  Clayton has the camera; otherwise I would put some pictures up.  I will soon.  Joslyn is almost Crawling and Roman is talking like crazy.  He is so excited about learning.  Joslyn and Roman make each other laugh everyday.  Hearing them laugh together is so heart warming.  I melt every time.  My sister Shanon moved near us and so Roman is having so much fun getting to know her Aunt Shanon.  He asks me if he can call her everyday.  Clayton's Frogs had babies and so he is a Daddy again.  Frogs are his passion.  He would not be fully happy if he didn't have frogs to take care of.  I got to buy all my music equipment.  Now I can keep track of all the songs that I have.  I have 110 songs now.  I dream songs.   I can't wait to get a band together so I can start performing locally.  I have some guys who are interested in playing for me.  We get together soon to see if we match musically.