Monday, October 13, 2008

Joslyn and I Surprised Meagan

Joslyn did so good on our four hour trip to Rexburg and just as good on the way back.   She didn't cry once.  Clayton and Roman stayed in Layton while we took a girls trip to Surprise Meagan by showing up to her Baby shower.  She is 7 months along with a baby girl.  

The night of the baby shower Joslyn and I had a girl's night with Meagan and Sarah.  That was the second time Sarah and I ate Mill hollow sandwiches that day.  They make my favorite sandwich and I haven't had one since I graduated from BYUI over 2 years ago.  

We were roommates for 2 years until our Men stole us away from each other.  

Clayton's sister Hillary and her husband Mike took care of us while we were there.   We always love spending time with them.  

The Ramsey Family with baby boy on the way.  

Our New Dwelling

This is our office that is attached to our apartment.  We rent out the storage units and take payments here.  Most of the time it's really slow but there are days were it is consistently busy. You can see a little of Clayton's Desk behind that open door.  This is were he spends time researching Biology etc.   

This is my little studio where I record my songs.   

Joslyn and Roman share a room, which is big and cute but it had laundry everywhere when I was taking pictures so I will post a picture of that room later.  But this is our living room connected to the kitchen slash our master bedroom.   

My Grandma Holley lives 10 minutes away.  Grandma and Grandpa Jackman live 20 minutes away.  My sister Shanon lives 30 minutes away.  Jay, Rachel and Noah are 50 minutes away. My Aunts, Uncles and Cousin's are close by too.  

We Love Layton

Layton, UT is a really good community.  We love the people and the shopping.  These pictures are of us at a big beautiful park near by.    

Joslyn Loves the feel of grass.  When Roman was her age he hated it and would cry.  It's fun to see their different personalities.  

Roman already loves girls and follows them around.  Here he is making himself look good incase he sees a girl when we are out on the town.  

Our little monkey. 

It's getting cold out already! 

Our Big Move!

And then we made our big move.  This was our old small yard and now..........

We have all the room in the world to play, ride bikes, rollerblade, and we can be as loud as we want because we don't have any neighbors!  We feel like we live out in the country.  We love it!

Roman would live and sleep outside if he could.  

Some of the things we do in the Handy home

My Mom plays the guitar and now I am attempting it.  

Roman is carrying on the tradition now too.  He sings at the top of his lungs while making all kinds of cool sounds with the guitar.  Joslyn actually loves to play the string with her little fingers too.  It's good to start them young right? haha  

Mother Daughter Time

Clayton resting after a long day at work with his best friend named "phone" haha

Catching Up On Our Blog

Dad Loves his baby girl. 

Roman and I miss Tara and Ethan coming over to play with us!

Roman's favorite place to clean up is the sink
Reading the zoo map helps Roman go to the bathroom

Roman and Joslyn love each other so much.  They already love to play together and they make each other laugh everyday. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We did it!!!

Our plan is coming together and we have made the transition into our new home.  We know this is where we are supposed to be for right now.  We are excited for our future plans.  Clayton has the camera; otherwise I would put some pictures up.  I will soon.  Joslyn is almost Crawling and Roman is talking like crazy.  He is so excited about learning.  Joslyn and Roman make each other laugh everyday.  Hearing them laugh together is so heart warming.  I melt every time.  My sister Shanon moved near us and so Roman is having so much fun getting to know her Aunt Shanon.  He asks me if he can call her everyday.  Clayton's Frogs had babies and so he is a Daddy again.  Frogs are his passion.  He would not be fully happy if he didn't have frogs to take care of.  I got to buy all my music equipment.  Now I can keep track of all the songs that I have.  I have 110 songs now.  I dream songs.   I can't wait to get a band together so I can start performing locally.  I have some guys who are interested in playing for me.  We get together soon to see if we match musically.  

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Some pics of our house before we rent it out. It will be hard to leave but we know it will be worth it!

We had a fun year and a half in our new home and now we are going to rent it out to pay it off as quick as we can. We move in two weeks.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Roman Mckay Handy and Joslyn Ella Handy

Roman was born May 8th 2006 and Joslyn was born January 13th 2008. 20 months apart. We've been busy but they are totaly worth it. They make us smile everyday. And that is what life is about right?

Fine, we'll make a blog!!!

After many request we have finally been broken in and have created a family blog. I am going to try to hard to add to it on a regular basis. I think I will mainly just focus on pictures because that is all I ever look at on other peoples blogs anyway. I have enjoyed all your blogs. So now I hope you will enjoy ours.