Sunday, July 12, 2009

Much to tell...

I haven't updated my blog in way too long. Just a little update. We moved again! Better home, better city, better situation, etc. Clayton decided to go back to school! Wahoo. He is now in school and he is working towards getting another Bachelors. He decided He wants to do something with his passion for Biology. He wants to keep going after he gets his double bachelors to get a master's etc. So we are on the start of a long journey. But we are very very excited about it. We are really enjoying life right now. Between our old job and our new job we took a two month vacation so we will also include pics of our road trip from:
Layton to Vegas , where we stayed with Dayna and Kyle,
LA, we stayed with Tawny and Scott,
Another part of La, we stayed with Mckay and Elizabeth.
And then up Highway one.
We stopped at my home town Folsom to see my family and friends.
and then kept going up the one all the way up to Oregon
and then over to Burley, Idaho Clayton's home town and then back to Utah.

We were homeless for two months and became temporary traveling bums until our new job started on May 1st. And school started May 18th. It was a lot of fun.

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